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Oscar Clayton Ramey

John Robert Ramey, MD

James William Ramey, MD

James Clayton Ramey

Viola Wan Ramey

Steve Ramey

Madison Ramey

Venus Ramey

I, James Clayton Ramey, have set this site up to record and share things about me. I will add family members and share things about them. I invite them to add things so they can share with their children, grand children and unborn generations to come. Send Stuff to

In the "Old Days" information was passed down through the family bible. Today, a family web site.

Allow each of us to put down for us to share, some things with the public, some things just for family, other things just to share with a private few. Include stories, audios, videos, photos of us, our loves, our peeves, our achievements, our wins, our losses, our humor, our defeats, our stuff, our essence. Store it here for generations to come.

Last Update 1/28/2012.

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